About 29 degrees Virgo

Welcome, my name is Dorothy and Tarot has been part of my life for many years. As a child I was fascinated with playing cards, commenting to anyone who would listen that some cards were good and some were not!

I grew up in Glasgow and as both my mother and my grandmother were open to anything fey, I was never laughed at or told that it was only my imagination, when I said that I saw things that others did not see, or felt that I knew something was about to happen.

A Tarot reading from a remarkable man in Glasgow started me on this magickal journey and I bought my first Tarot deck shortly after.

As well as reading and collecting Tarot, I also enjoy encouraging others who have an interest in it, and welcome enquiries regarding tuition.

My principles

Receive insightful and intuitive guidance to navigate through life's challenges.

Spiritual Connection


Intuitive Guidance

I read the cards and deliver the message, passing no judgement on the question or the situation that you are in.

Deepen your spiritual connection and gain a greater understanding of your purpose.

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